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ABCs of Teaching Reading

Author: Janine Baer

If reading came naturally, teaching reading would be a much easier job. Children would learn to read as readily as they learn to speak. Teachers would only need to give students the chance to practice their skills.
But children don't learn to read just from being exposed to books. Reading must be taught. For many children, reading must be taught explicitly and systematically, one small step at a time. That's why good teachers are so important.

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Every year 40,000 new teachers join the workforce having completed their initial teacher training (ITT).

Although these professionals will have gained skills and knowledge from their training, turning that theory into practice in their induction year can be daunting.

In a recent government survey, only 59% of primary newly-qualified teachers (NQTs) thought their ITT prepared them for interacting with parents and carers. Nearly a quarter of secondary NQTs did not feel that their training enabled them to teach pupils from all ethnic backgrounds.

Essex Education Services provides the Essex teacher training model on behalf of the local authority, which encourages aspiring teachers onto its school-based teacher training programmes. Trainees on the School Centred Initial Teacher Training (SCITT) and School Direct schemes spend the majority of their time in the classroom, easing the transition between their training and the NQT year. With so many new teachers applying from outside its catchment, the local authority in Essex is also experienced at helping teachers who have not benefited from its tuition.

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