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lesson planSkills to be developed: Reading, listening, spelling

Class management: Plenary, Individual work, Group work, Pair work


Educational aim: According to the lesson’s educational aim improve pp personal qualities like behavior, education etc. to improve pp social knowledge, to form their developing skills.

Developing aim: According to the lesson’s developing aim improve pp English learning skills, self educational skills, develop to report his/her own ideas

Upbringing aim: According to the upbringing aim improve pp knowledge, experience. Teach pp new grammar rules new words, improve their learning skills.

Materials: Books, cards, pictures, letters

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Prepared by: Qodirov Qobil


Theme: Unit 14 (The world of fairy tales). Lesson 1 I like cartoons

276246__classic-cartoons_p(picture source: forwallpapers.com)

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 Great playwrights (8th grades)


  • To practice translating skills;
  • To practice reading for gist and for detail;
  • To practice listening for main ideas and for detailed information;
  • To learn about the famous most British playwright and the poet William Shakespeare and some of his plays.

Materials: class book, teacher’s book, cards, pictures, cassette-recorder.

Methods:individual work, group work, discussion, cluster.

Class: 8th grade.

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True or False?


adjectives-scenario-of-lesson-planЎйин мақсади:

–еr суффикси ёрдамида ясалувчи қиёсий сифатларнинг ясалишини болаларга таништириш ва машқ қилиш.

Ўйиннинг бориши:

Ўқитувчи олдиндан хато бўлган эътирофни айтади, масалан: The pig is as thin as the snake.

Ўқувчи 1: No, the pig isn’t as thin as the snake.

Ўқитувчи: It’s true. The pig isn’t as thin as the snake. The snake is thinner!

Сўнг ўқувчилардан ушбу гапни такрорлашни сўрайди. Ва шу тарзда бир неча бор. Сўнг болалар ўзлари қиёсий даражада келган сифатлар билан гаплар тузишади.

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A lesson plan for the 5th grades


(Photo source: www.fitzgerald.fatcow.com)

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